Noor Al-Maydan Company
"Noor Al-Maydan Company", is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of environmental sector in Iraq, established in 2019, with the aim of creating a sustainable future, through creative and broad solutions. Since its foundation. The uniqueness of its approach and its continuous drive towards excellence helped the company to achieve rapid progress towards its goal of recycling waste iron to maintain a pure green environment free of industrial waste as part of community service. The success of "Noor Al-Maydan Company" lies in its distinguished management and the tireless efforts of its workforce that has an ambitious work team, all united in the pursuit of an environmentally viable future. Through advanced practices in the systematic management of ferrous waste and recycling iron and scrap as a first step, and that in the future, it will move towards other sectors in the field of environmental conservation. Our goal is to make Iraq one of the developed countries in the environmental sector in the Middle East.

Our Vision

To become the leading partner for environmental management in Iraq.And God is the Grantor of success

Speech of the CEO of the company

Noor Al-Maydan Company seeks to be one of the prominent addresses in the construction and environmental development of our country, Iraq, in order to achieve well-being and a better life for our people. We have the ambition and sincere desire to be one of the effective contributors in building and developing the environmental infrastructure of our country, Iraq, by spreading environmental awareness among members of society. We believe in the capabilities of our teams in achievement and giving, which makes us proud of our economic and investment path. And God is the Grantor of success

Our Mission

Our Values​


At Noor Al-Maydan Company, we are working with the vision of its CEO to develop and serve our country, Iraq, so that it becomes a country free of industrial waste to preserve a green environment. The company sets ambitious goals and motivates the team members to achieve them, in addition to encouraging them to excel and achieve the best performance by making full use of their capabilities. The company also stimulates the community to adopt an environmental and sustainable way of living through our education and awareness initiatives.


Noor Al-Maydan Company is constantly inspired to lead our societies towards a better future, through innovative methods. On how to use the latest existing technologies to recycle waste iron.


Noor Al-Maydan Company has a sustainable future for the next generations. The company trusts in the capabilities of its employees to create positive change for the future, thus enhancing everyone's confidence to work for a more sustainable future and the need to build an infrastructure that supports our future goals.