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Noor Al-Maydan Company

The solution of the Noor Al-Maydan Company for iron waste recycling begins to extract value from waste with the latest waste management center. Through carefully planned phase strategy, the company built some of the most advanced local recycling facilities in this center. These facilities increase the recovery and convert iron waste to the maximum extent, with the zero -waste agenda that Noor Al –Maydan Company has placed. In these facilities, iron waste is sorted, processed and renewed in forms that benefit the economy.

On a mission for better tomorrow

Noor Al-Maydan Company believes that the global environmental challenges of one are the challenges of us all. At Noor Al-Maydan Co. we have always believed that the problems we face together can only be solved together. Noor Al-Maydan Company brings together smart minds, advanced technology, and local knowledge to conserve our environment and to generate growth for businesses and communities. We are there to solve Local problems with an ecosystem of partners. The country can’t clean itself and we can’t clean it alone, but together we can create a cleaner tomorrow for future generations to enjoy.

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Who We Are

To pioneer sustainable quality of Green life in Iraq.
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What We Do

At Noor Al-Maydan Company we promote circular economy.
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Our News

Join our distinguished team and start a new business
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Work For Us

At Noor Al-Maydan Company, we believe in doing work
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Our Mission

To create strong partnerships and provide smart sustainable solutions in integrated waste and environmental waste & vehicle recycling.To invest in technology, innovation and talent development, leading to sustainable development and future-ready economies.

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