Noor Al-Maydan Company

Sustainable development is at the heart of what we do.

At Noor Al-Maydan Company, sustainability is central to our business. We strive to continuously enhance our environmental solutions to safeguard the natural world and protect the environment We envision a future built on sustainability, empowered by digitalization, for better quality of green life across Iraq.
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Our Vision

To pioneer sustainable quality of Green life in Iraq.

Our Mission

To create strong partnerships and provide smart sustainable solutions in integrated waste and environmental waste & vehicle recycling. To invest in technology, innovation and talent development, leading to sustainable development and future-ready economies. To provide a framework for zero-waste strategies, green life while ensuring proper resource management and quality of resources like air and water.

Our Purpose

More than a several years after the company’s inception, Noor Al-Maydan Company`s offerings & borders have grown; but its purpose remains the same. Noor Al-Maydan Company is committed to reimagining a sustainable future, and pushing its limits with the help of technology. Through innovation, full-circle resource management, and smarter solutions, the Company is addressing environmental challenges, deploying the latest digital technologies, and raising quality of life for people across the Iraq.

Our History

"Noor Al-Maydan Company" is a leading company in the processing and recycling of iron in Iraq.
Founded in 2019, it started its journey as a partnership company based in Baghdad, and it is mainly concerned with the environment and waste, and with the treatment and recycling of iron in two ways, namely (pressing and shredding), and the Noor Al-Maydan company invests in a full-circle resumption for the future.