At Noor Al-Maydan Company, we believe in doing work that has a lasting impact on our people and our country. If you are a passionate and creative person that believes in working relentlessly to make a difference, you are welcome to join us. Noor Al-Maydan Company was founded with the vision of building a better future. By joining our team, you are not only creating a better future for your career, but also creating a better future for you, your family and your community. Whether you are a student, someone just starting out with their career, or an individual with a wealth of experience to share, Noor Al-Maydan Co. has a place for you.
Noor Al-Maydan`s Culture Noor Al-Maydan`s company culture is based on our values that we stand for: passion, innovation and trust guide us in everything that we do. With us, people feel valued, have equal opportunities and possibilities to grow. Excellent collaboration both internally and externally leads us to success.

Job Opportunities

To Apply For Job

Send an email to contains the following information
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  • Attached CV
  • Fill Job Application Form and attach it with Email, You can find the Application form  HERE

Note. The subject of your Email should contain JOB REF. NO.